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Tie Rod Ends

Pennsylvania is known for its roads and potholes, which can wreak havoc on our vehicles, particularly the tie rod ends. These components play a crucial role in the steering system, connecting the rack and pinion or steering linkage to the steering knuckle. If you’ve fallen victim to our infamous potholes, you might experience a slight pull on your steering wheel.

There are other signs that indicate potential issues with your tie rod ends, allowing you to address them before the state inspection. If your steering wheel feels loose or unresponsive, or if you hear clunky or squeaking noises while turning, it could be a sign. To confirm whether it’s the tie rod end or another problem, our lifts can help us identify any play in the tie rod ends by moving the wheel.

In the video, you can see the movement of the outer tie rod end, indicating a problem. Whether you’ve brushed a curb, experienced normal wear and tear, or encountered a pothole, we can assist you in getting your vehicle back on the road safely.