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This Little Light Of Mine…

Have you ever been enjoying your drive, grooving to your music, only to be rudely interrupted by the check engine light? Not only does it trigger a mini panic of “what’s wrong,” but it’s also highly inconvenient. Well, here’s something incredibly helpful: At Lee Myles, we offer a free check engine light inspection.

Yes, you heard it right, it’s absolutely free! Just give us a heads-up when you’re coming so we can be prepared.

Our team can assist you immediately. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a loose gas cap. It may sound silly, but if you recently refueled your vehicle and the gas cap wasn’t tightly sealed, it could trigger the check engine light. The purpose of the gas cap is to seal in gasoline vapors, and a loose cap can cause vapor leakage. But even if it’s not the gas cap, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ll gather all the necessary information and schedule an appointment to address the issue. This way, we’ll have a starting point for further diagnosis when your vehicle comes in for a visit.