Brake systems are a common concern, especially with less driving happening these days. If you hear unusual brake noises when you start your vehicle, don’t panic. Sometimes brakes can get rusty from sitting, especially in rainy or snowy conditions. However, it’s essential to distinguish between noise that doesn’t affect their performance and noise that indicates a problem.

Typically, front brake pads require replacement before the rear ones because they bear more weight and play a larger role in stopping the vehicle. If you’ve driven on a stone parking lot or construction site, a small piece of dirt or stone may have gotten lodged in the brakes. If the noise persists or if your steering wheel shakes while braking, it’s a clear sign that something needs attention. While regular maintenance is recommended, we understand that it may not always be convenient.

Regular maintenance helps us identify and address issues before they escalate or become problems during the yearly state inspection. Ensuring your vehicle’s safety on the road is our top priority. If available, we offer a courtesy shuttle or loaner vehicles to get you where you need to be while providing peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to drive.