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Guaranteed Transmission Repairs–3 Years / 36,000 Miles Warranty

The transmission is notorious for being difficult to service. That’s where most experienced do-it-yourselfers will draw the line, and pass it along to a professional. Even many professional technicians find themselves stumped by a transmission repair need. The most common problem is in the diagnosis of the transmission issue. Without the proper equipment and the experience, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the performance issue. Many symptoms will appear to be the transmission’s fault when it’s actually another component that’s causing the problem. Lee Myles Auto Care & Transmission in Reading, PA is here at our 5th Street location to make sure you avoid misdiagnoses and unnecessary repairs. Finding out the truth about your transmission’s condition is the first step in any transmission repair. Come to us for an accurate diagnosis!

Automatic & Manual Transmission Service

Whether you’re driving an automatic or a manual transmission vehicle, our team can perform all the necessary maintenance and repairs. Pay attention to the early warning signs that your vehicle is giving you. If your vehicle is slipping out of gear, has a delayed acceleration, or has rough shifting, let us have a look. We’ll get to the bottom of your actual need and possibly save you a whole lot of time and money. The transmission is one of the most expensive components in your engine. Since we’re on your side, we don’t want you wasting your hard earned money on a transmission repair, rebuild, or replacement that you don’t need. Lee Myles Auto Care & Transmission has been known to save customers thousands of dollars by finding the most effective repair solution. Before you get any expensive transmission repair, come to us for a second or third opinion.

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Our 5th Street location in Reading, PA maintains the expertise and quality standards of Lee Myles Auto Care & Transmission. If you have questions or concerns about your transmission’s performance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. A large part of our quality auto service is automotive counsel. We’ll let you know the best practices for all of your vehicle’s components, especially the transmission. The key to making sure you’re always receiving the most cost-effective and operation-effective service is finding out the truth. The transmission repair and diagnosis can be the most difficult to get right. Give us a call today at 610-374-1756 to schedule your transmission diagnosis. We won’t perform any service until we’ve thoroughly inspected your transmission. Going that extra step can mean saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all walk-ins!